Warning: America In Category 5 Alert!

I seem to have a recurring thought lately, that of "Whatever happened to the America that I used to live i in?"  That proud country full of vibrant friendly people, where you could honestly say "there is no place like home."  Today, however, I walk through the weathered streets and see nervous looks and rarely is there a smile on anyone’s face.  Coupled with a deteriorating look and feel to the landscape, how on earth in less than 20 years could this country go from the world super power to the brink of nothing?  There have only been  5 terms of presidencies!  We need a complete overhaul of Congress as special action groups have filtered out our middle class.

A report that first appeared five years ago in 2005 by the National Academies of Sciences, has reappeared this year entitled: Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Approaching Category 5.  America is not anywhere near ranking as a No. 1 country of the world, not even close.  And if my fellow Americans want to revive our country above third-world status to even become an "emerging market," then we have to work fast.  If not, be prepared for indentured servitude to the Chinese, if they’ll have us, or even Sub-Saharan Africa will look like paradise.

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