22 People Killed in Bus Crash in Western India

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New Kerala reports that S.R. Rokhade, a local police official of the Malkapur police, stated that a bus of the Vijay Yatra Company from Wardha district carrying Hindu pilgrims veered off a bridge and crashed into the Nalganga river after the driver lost control over the vehicle on a bridge in western India in the city of Malkapur which is approximately 160 miles northeast of the country’s financial capital of Mumbai.  Twenty-two people were killed in the crash and the remaining eighteen passengers were injured.  The accident happened just before dawn on Thursday as those aboard the bus were returning home after  a Maharashtra tour.  The tragedy occurred before it reached its last destination of Shegaon.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Curiously enough, two years ago the same spot was witnessed to a similar accident in which 18 traders of Surat in Gujarat were killed.

The World Health Organization claims that India has the highest annual road death toll in the world and police figures show more than 110,000 deaths occur annually on India’s roads, the majority of which are caused by speeding, bad roads, overcrowding and poor vehicle maintenance.

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