Evernote Web Rids Clutter From One Freelance Writer’s Computer

As a freelance writer covering news reports and other topics of interest, attempting to maintain organization and having some method to the madness of endless file creation in Word to document work product and creating a naming convention to even save the files can be a daunting task.  Without the appropriate tools and naming conventions in place, a My Documents folder can quickly become overrun.  Unless a freelance writer can afford to purchase a document manager or has an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for organization, chances are, the hard-drive of the writer’s computer, laptop and/or tablet will quickly become full of badly named files making the folder where the documents are saved look cluttered.


For the sake of argument with regard to cluttered folders, documents are easily filtered by date or name, and there is always the search bar to look for those reports where the report’s file name is forgotten.  However, for out-of-the-box thinkers who question life’s daily processes, there can be a better way.  And there is.

Evernote Web, an application from Evernote which is Microsoft One Notes’ free and evil twin, the application you may have seen if you have a tablet computer or an iPhone, Android phone or even a BlackBerry, has been incorporated into Google’s Chrome web browser as an application available in the Chrome Web Store where one can install the app to the browser, register for a free account and save notes directly to the account in the cloud.

One author said about Evernote Web “I used to think the application was stupid.  I had the Microsoft Office Suite installed on my laptop computer and thought ‘Oh great.  Another freebie One Note note taking and picture clipping application.’  Which basically translated into a useless app I really didn’t need.  Then, I discovered Evernote Web in the Chrome Web store, installed it to my Chrome browser, and now everything that I write as a freelance writer that gets published, upon publication I go to the published article in Chrome, click on the Evernote Web Icon in the toolbar area and click which automatically names the note in Evernote, then I scroll down to the down button beside the icon that says Clip Article to change it to Clip Full Page, and I have a nice ‘note’ or “webclip’ of the full page of where my article was published nicely organized in the cloud according to the date I saved the note.  No longer do I have to save countless files into My Documents as Word files.  They are neatly saved to my account in the cloud as ‘notes.’  An example of the result of Clip Full Page can be found by clicking here.”

The organization that can be had by using Evernote Web was an epiphany and one author is forever appreciative of the application’s developers.

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