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Valentine’s Day Plane Crash Kills All Aboard Outside Tegucigalpa

Fourteen people lost their lives in a plane crash of a twin-engined Let 410 outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras this Valentine’s Day, report authorities. The flight began in Honduras’ northern city San Pedro Sula en route to the nation’s capital when it crashed in Las Mesitas 13 miles away. All passengers and crew lost their lives and there were no survivors. Among the fourteen were three Americans. All other deceased were Honduran nationals.

Francisco Pacheco, a manager at local airline Central American Airways that operated the flight reported that the pilot of the Let 410 was in an area of low visibility and high winds while trying to reach the runway when the crash occurred. Both the pilot and and his co-pilot died due to the crash, although it is reported that the co-pilot initially survived as he was ejected from the plane although he died just minutes arriving at the nearest hospital. Area locals heard the crash and alerted authorities who immediately sent assistance but when they reached the area, they found a chilling scene of scattered bodies, the local mayor told the El Heraldo newspaper.

This plane crash happened in the same area where a SAHSA airlines plane crashed in 1989, taking the lives of 131 people. An investigation into the exact cause of the crash is under way.

Among the deceased in this fatal plane crash were Trade Union leader Israel Salinas, the Vice-Minister of the Secretary of Public Works, Transportation and Housing, Rodolfo Robelo, the Ex-Minister of the Economy Carlos Chahin, a staff member of the Family Allowance Program Alejandra Figueroa Cema and pilot Guillermo Anderson and his brother Oscar Anderson.

Reprinted from a report at allvoices.com.

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