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Egypt’s newly elected parliament dominated by Islamists


Two days before the assembly’s first meeting following the thwart of Hosni Mubarak close to 1 year ago, it is apparent that the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists led by the Freedom and Justice Party emerged as the largest group in Egypt’s new parliament winning 235 of the 498 elected seats in the lower house. . The new parliament, due to hold its first session on Jan. 23, “is the best celebration of the Egyptian revolution,” Freedom and Justice said in a statement according to a report in Bloomberg.

A breakdown of election results from party lists:

332 members of parliament

Freedom and Justice – 127

Nour party – 96

Wafd party – 36

Egyptian Bloc – 33

The assembly is to select a committee that will write a new constitution, though the exact powers of parliament remain unclear. Protesters that ousted Mubarak continue to call for mass rallies on January 25, the anniversary of the beginning of the Egyptian uprising against Mubarak. And although Egyptians have had seven weeks of democratic elections, it has failed to calm tensions between activists and the military council that took power from the ousted President. The military council has said it would cede power when a president is elected in a national vote by the end of June.

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Egyptian Blogger Criticizes Military And Is Summoned For Questioning

Hossam el-Hamalawy, a prominent Egyptian blogger and democracy activist, has been ordered to appear for questioning before the country’s military prosecutors after he publicly accused an army official of instigating abuses against civilians.

Hamalawy said he was summoned to appear Tuesday after he charged in a television interview that the head of the country’s military police was responsible for torturing activists for which he added that he has testimonies, videos and other evidence to back up his claims.

The interview aired on Thursday on a popular television program on ON-TV. The presenter of the program, Reem Maged, was also summoned for questioning, as was another journalist, Nabil Sharaf el-Din. Reem Maged is also a potential presidential candidate in the country’s upcoming elections aside from his work on ON-TV.

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Lindsay Lohan Congratulates Egyptians

Lindsay Lohan Congratulates EgyptiansMean Girls star, alleged thief, recovering addict and previously incarcerated Lindsay Lohan takes a moment from her celebrity/criminal life for a role change to that of politician to comment on the situation in the Middle East Saturday extending a formal "Congratulations to the people of Egypt," through a tweet she sent on her Twitter page. Lindsay goes on to offer Egyptians that "[y]our voices were heard and you proved that peaceful demonstrations are possible and effective."

Lohan, obviously on a roll, continued tweeting "I pray Egypt maintains it’s treaty with Israel and sets the trend for its neighbors to create peace with Israel and the entire region." If Lindsay would remain sober and have less run ins with law enforcement or even simply coherent long enough, her statements may have actually meant something. Instead, Lindsay’s statements cause suspicion that perhaps she has returned to using hazardous substances. Regardless, could we see Lindsay more often playing the role of politician? Or could this merely be a fleeing political aspiration? Lastly, if neither of the previous questions were answered in the affirmative, is this political role one that Lindsay assumes when she becomes intoxicated?

Stay tuned for more news concerning America’s troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan.

Reprinted from a report at allvoices.com.

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