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Fear Factor’s donkey semen episode off schedule


TMZ reported Sunday that Fear Factor will not air a previously scheduled episode entitled “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” where contestants would eat the unimaginable: donkey semen, as NBC is concerned. Unimaginable? More like, nonhuman! What kind of sick f— dreams up the episodes on Fear Factor? And NBC is merely concerned?

In an earlier report released on Saturday, TMZ stated: “contestants on the show — shot last summer — are challenged to drink a glass of donkey semen (and one of urine) … and several of them did. The episode is scheduled to air Monday night.”

As of Wednesday last week TMZ has been reporting about the donkey semen episode and neither ethics nor animal cruelty has been discussed in any one of their reports.

Talk about animal cruelty? It is unthinkable, regardless of how the reality show obtained the donkey semen, this is just wrong.

Read the full article at Allvoices.

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Ask the Answer Bitch explains why celebs split in January

Leslie Gornstein


E Online entertainment news columnist Leslie Gornstein, Ask the Answer Bitch, in her column Thursday covered a report on the celebrity splits Heidi Klum and Seal, K.D. Lang and her domestic partner, Drew Carey and the lady he dated for 5 years, and Katy Perry and Russell Brand. In covering the report, as all of the split-ups happened in or around January, Gornstein raises the question “Is January to blame?”

Since Leslie the Answer Bitch Gornstein knows everything, she answered her own question, with assistance from her colleagues, and the following is the response to whether January is to blame for all of the reported celebrity splits: quite simply put, “yes.”

Divorce attorneys confirm that January is a busy month for breakups and divorce filings in general, which includes celebrities.

“People go through a very exhausting year, and people looking at the new year as a new life,” says family law specialist Marilyn B. Chinitz a Partner of Blank Rome LLP at their New York office. “So as soon as January rolls around, people think, ‘This is my new beginning.'”

Gornstein also responded by stating that the holidays are also stressful. Traveling and complaining family members can lead to fights that end with a filing for divorce from which celebrities are not immune.

Lastly, couples who decide to breakup often wait until the holidays are over, states the Answer Bitch.

Read the original article at Allvoices.

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Judge Judy to Remain on CBS Through 2015

LOS ANGELES | May 2, 2011

Judge JudyAfter a long-running 15 seasons that last season ranked no. 1 in daytime television, CBS Television Distribution stated on Monday that Judy Sheindlin, 68 and known as “Judge Judy,” signed a new deal to stay with CBS through 2015. “I am thrilled with the opportunity to continue this exciting second career,” Sheindlin said in a statement.

Having been a former New York judge, Sheindlin presides over small-claims cases on her daytime program. “Judge Judy” had actually been renewed until 2013 before this new agreement was reached.

The deal comes as Oprah Winfrey whose cable channel went live in January prepares to end her talk show after 25 years, leaving Sheindlin and other daytime stars to compete for the position.

Judge Judy had contemplated ending her show in 2013, but the show remains a strong competitor. In the 2009-10 season, “Judge Judy” ranked No. 1 among daytime series and became the first program in a decade to outdraw “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Sheindlin is “at the top of her game,” said John Nogawski, president of CBS Television Distribution, the show’s syndicator. She’s been the most-watched TV judge since her show’s 1996 debut.

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