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Evernote Web Rids Clutter From One Freelance Writer’s Computer

As a freelance writer covering news reports and other topics of interest, attempting to maintain organization and having some method to the madness of endless file creation in Word to document work product and creating a naming convention to even save the files can be a daunting task.  Without the appropriate tools and naming conventions in place, a My Documents folder can quickly become overrun.  Unless a freelance writer can afford to purchase a document manager or has an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for organization, chances are, the hard-drive of the writer’s computer, laptop and/or tablet will quickly become full of badly named files making the folder where the documents are saved look cluttered.


For the sake of argument with regard to cluttered folders, documents are easily filtered by date or name, and there is always the search bar to look for those reports where the report’s file name is forgotten.  However, for out-of-the-box thinkers who question life’s daily processes, there can be a better way.  And there is.

Evernote Web, an application from Evernote which is Microsoft One Notes’ free and evil twin, the application you may have seen if you have a tablet computer or an iPhone, Android phone or even a BlackBerry, has been incorporated into Google’s Chrome web browser as an application available in the Chrome Web Store where one can install the app to the browser, register for a free account and save notes directly to the account in the cloud.

One author said about Evernote Web “I used to think the application was stupid.  I had the Microsoft Office Suite installed on my laptop computer and thought ‘Oh great.  Another freebie One Note note taking and picture clipping application.’  Which basically translated into a useless app I really didn’t need.  Then, I discovered Evernote Web in the Chrome Web store, installed it to my Chrome browser, and now everything that I write as a freelance writer that gets published, upon publication I go to the published article in Chrome, click on the Evernote Web Icon in the toolbar area and click which automatically names the note in Evernote, then I scroll down to the down button beside the icon that says Clip Article to change it to Clip Full Page, and I have a nice ‘note’ or “webclip’ of the full page of where my article was published nicely organized in the cloud according to the date I saved the note.  No longer do I have to save countless files into My Documents as Word files.  They are neatly saved to my account in the cloud as ‘notes.’  An example of the result of Clip Full Page can be found by clicking here.”

The organization that can be had by using Evernote Web was an epiphany and one author is forever appreciative of the application’s developers.

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How To Find Someone’s Contact Information On The Internet

Finding someone’s contact information on the web has never been easier, so easy that it becomes cumbersomeGoDaddy having to choose from the numerous databases, whether free, or for a fee. Depending upon what information is available of the person’s contact information being sought will be a prime indicator as to what service database needs to be accessed, and whether or not a fee will be incurred. The first location everyone should search for someone’s contact information on the web is by performing a Google search on whatever information is available.

Subsequent to a Google search, the following are service databases that are free of charge and are good to search if the contacts full name is available as well as the City and State they reside in:

MSN White Pages – Find People for Free

*Also provides reverse lookup capability for telephone number and street address which service is provided by whitepages.com.

Yahoo Search – People Search

*Also provides reverse phone lookup and email search.

People Finder – AnyWho

*Also provides reverse phone lookup. People Finder is a service of Anywho and AT&T.

People Search, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Phone Directory

*Also provides reverse phone lookup and is a service offered by WhoWhere.com.

The Official White Pages

*Also provides the following tools: Search for business, reverse phone and reverse address.

Other great places to search for contact information free of charge are through Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook allows you to send messages directly to its registered users, and Linked in, depending upon whether a connection to that person exists, as well. If no connection exists, users of LinkedIn can subscribe to LinkedIn Premium for a fee to by using the InMail® service and send that person a message.

However, there arise occasions when information may have been lost, or perhaps the acquaintance was not very well known or there is difficulty in obtaining certain key items of information ordinarily used to facilitate a contact information search. In these situations where no address information is available, or full name, and/or the telephone number that is available is an unpublished number, a service database that charges a fee would be of most help. The following are service databases that charge a fee but can search on limited available information, the last three of which require accounts with two major legal services, Westlaw and LexisNexis:


People Finder


US Search

People Finder Databases

Ultimate People Finder …

LexisNexis Public Records

Incurring the expense of a thorough background report by one of the aforementioned services shouldn’t be necessary, nor should the services of a private investigator be needed for contact information. However, those options could be used as a final resort – background reports are available at higher costs and are available at all fee listings above and a private investigator can be contracted in almost any local Yellow pages.

Beware of service databases that require payment of fees and familiarize yourself with their billing practices and whether or not you are acceptable to recurring monthly fees and the site terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstanding or ill sentiments afterward.

For a limited time, take 30% Off People Search Find current and unlisted number, address. Search billions of records by maiden name, SSN, or by phone number.

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A Disappointed Google Blocks Data Transfer to Facebook

FacebookIn an age of high technology, smart-phones and mobile tablet computing, transferability of data from one machine to another is extremely important for many reasons, the most important of them being convenience. Google, in an insulted tantrum and need to let its discontent and disappointment be known throughout the Internet, recently announced that it will turn off its popular email client’s data feed to social media websites like Facebook.

Contacts stored in Google’s Gmail will no longer be automatically transferred to others unless the site that requests access provides reciprocal data. Analysts speculate Google’s decision to turn off Gmail’s data feed is directly related to a deal struck between Facebook and Microsoft that allows user data to power the Bing search engine, Google’s competitor. Facebook, with 500 million users and growing, has been extremely selective in forging business relationships and has yet to strike a deal with Google, the largest search engine in the United States and quite possibly, the world, over data sharing.

GmailUnreachable for comment, Facebook responded to Google’s decision to block the export of contact information from Gmail by providing their users a two-step solution by adding a link that allows users to first move Gmail contacts to a computer and then in step two the contacts are uploaded to Facebook. Surrendering to defeat, Google replied that "[a]s passionate believers that people should be able to control the data they create, we will continue to allow our users to export their Google contacts."

Could Google finally have come to the realization that it just may no longer be “the next best thing?”


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