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Facebook Will Not Shut Down On March 15, 2011

Facebook Shutdown A RumorThe rumor that Facebook will be shutting down entirely on March 15, 2011 caused confusion amongst many as it was thought to be true. Even Google Trends and Twitter had the Facebook shutdown rumor as hot topics and a Facebook group was started to stop Facebook from shutting down.

Although it is unknown how the Facebook shutdown rumor started, two things may have influenced the rumor.  First, a CNN opinion by Douglas Rushkoff wherein Mr. Rushkoff believes that the hype of Facebook will fade and the recent Goldman Sachs investment could signal the beginning of the end.  Additionally, Yahoo announced that it’s Yahoo Video will be closing down on March 15, 2011.

It is easy to see how someone listening to portions of a conversation could end up with Facebook will shut down on March 15, 2011.  However, this is not the case.  Facebook is not shutting down on March 15, 2011 and the rumor is just that – an unfounded rumor.  There is no reason for Facebook fans and users to panic or worry about removing photos from the Facebook site.

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A Disappointed Google Blocks Data Transfer to Facebook

FacebookIn an age of high technology, smart-phones and mobile tablet computing, transferability of data from one machine to another is extremely important for many reasons, the most important of them being convenience. Google, in an insulted tantrum and need to let its discontent and disappointment be known throughout the Internet, recently announced that it will turn off its popular email client’s data feed to social media websites like Facebook.

Contacts stored in Google’s Gmail will no longer be automatically transferred to others unless the site that requests access provides reciprocal data. Analysts speculate Google’s decision to turn off Gmail’s data feed is directly related to a deal struck between Facebook and Microsoft that allows user data to power the Bing search engine, Google’s competitor. Facebook, with 500 million users and growing, has been extremely selective in forging business relationships and has yet to strike a deal with Google, the largest search engine in the United States and quite possibly, the world, over data sharing.

GmailUnreachable for comment, Facebook responded to Google’s decision to block the export of contact information from Gmail by providing their users a two-step solution by adding a link that allows users to first move Gmail contacts to a computer and then in step two the contacts are uploaded to Facebook. Surrendering to defeat, Google replied that "[a]s passionate believers that people should be able to control the data they create, we will continue to allow our users to export their Google contacts."

Could Google finally have come to the realization that it just may no longer be “the next best thing?”


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The Importance of Maintaining a Professional Facebook Profile

People worldwide spend more time than ever before on social networking sites.  The amount of time global users spend on one social media site, Facebook (who is named the No. 1 global social networking destination Facebookvisited by 67% of social media users during the month of December, 2009), has also risen to nearly six hours per month (The Nielsen Company, 2010).   With 206.9 million unique global visitors to social media sites, the United States contributing 142.1 million unique visitors of the global total (Media and Marketing, 2010), the importance of maintaining a professional Facebook profile whether the site is used personally or professionally is increasingly becoming more and more important.


Although Facebook is a great social networking site and facilitates communication with others, many people do not understand just how much of that communication is visible to other visitors who may not be incorporated into a Friends List. In December of 2009, Facebook established a new set of privacy settings that was intended to give members more control over personal information.  This was viewed by many as a sneaky attempt by Facebook to push its members to expose more information about themselves because of the default settings containing data: like photos, city, gender, and information about family and relationships, which is set up to be shared with everyone on the Internet.  (Daniel Lyons, 2010)  Understanding Privacy Settings in Facebook is a great way to protect communication from being visible to uninterested third parties and is available in a guide entitled Settings Every Facebook User Should Know (O’Neill, 2009).


Tim DeMello who owns Internet company Ziggs estimated in 2006 that 20 percent of companies secretly scan online profiles before they interview applicants.  What companies find is shocking — party pictures, “including profiles that detail drug use, orgies and illegal behavior….”

According to DeMello, employers have admitted that they have learned how to access profiles marked as “private."  What most don’t realize in posting pictures and making lewd comments on their profiles is that those comments and pictures make up an online footprint that can be attached to their names for the rest of their careers (Amy S. Clark, 2006).  As of August, 2009, that 20 percent estimate has grown to 45 percent (Wortham, 2009).


Finally, Internet World Stats reports that as each year passes, the world and internet populations resemble each other with increasing similarity.  With so many privacy concerns, the knowledge that more employers look to Facebook for information every day coupled with the fact that the internet population is beginning to resemble the world population, it becomes apparent if not obvious as to the importance of maintaining a professional Facebook profile (World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats, 2009).

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