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May Day March for Immigration Reform and Workers’ Rights

LOS ANGELES | May 1, 2011

Tens of thousands of marchers are expected to gather at 10 a.m. at Broadway and Olympic for a morning program full of entertainment and politics prior to the May Day march for immigration reform and workers’ rights. The march will start at 11:45 a.m. and will proceed northbound down Broadway.

The march ends at Broadway and 1st Street and will conclude with a rally featuring performances and speakers from labor and community groups from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m..


The following streets will be closed between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sunday:

Broadway Avenue between Olympic Blvd and Temple Street;

Spring Street between Olympic Blvd and Temple Street;

Hill Street between Olympic Blvd and Temple Street;

1st Street between Main Street and Grand Avenue;

Broadway Avenue between Olympic Blvd and Temple Street;

Spring Street between Olympic Blvd and Temple Street;

Hill Street between Olympic Blvd and Temple Street; and

1st Street between Main Street and Grand Avenue.

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department released a statement saying it will respect the marchers as many have never forgotten the lasting impression of the 2007 march where police dispersed crowds by beating people with batons and firing at them with beanbag rounds. There were no deaths, but hundreds of demonstrators and journalists and 18 officers suffered injuries.

"The right to march, demonstrate, protest, rally or perform other First Amendment activity comes with responsibility which includes respecting the civil and property rights of all others. It is the goal of the Department to facilitate lawful public demonstrations in the City of Los Angeles."

Read the entire article at: May Day March for Immigration Reform and Workers’ Rights

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A Tale of Two Transients

LOS ANGELES | April 14, 2011

LAPD reports that a man in his late 20s broke into Temple Israel of Hollywood located on the 7300 block of Hollywood Boulevard, collected several items from within the Temple, placed them on a desk and then set them on fire with a candle. Authorities are currently investigating the small fire and burglary that occurred Wednesday night.

Sources familiar with the investigation told the Los Angeles Times that the probe is ongoing and that detectives don’t believe it was a hate crime, even though this is the second crime to take place at the second synagogue by the second transient in two weeks. Could “2-2-2” be a new evil number? Last week police said the same thing about a pipe-bomb that exploded with enough explosives to blow a 300 pound pipe into the ceiling of the home next door to Chabad House Lubavitch in Santa Monica.

The suspect fled the scene of Temple Israel of Hollywood, but the suspect’s image was captured on video. He, like his predecessor at Chabad House Lubavitch, is believed to be a transient who frequents the area. The fire did minor damage to the Temple.

Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Beatrice Girmala, who oversees the department’s Hollywood Division and was at the synagogue, said in a brief phone interview that the heavy response was made out of an abundance of caution referring to television news helicopters that broadcast images of several uniformed and plainclothes law enforcement personnel at the Temple.

“Because it is a house of worship, we’re taking every precaution to be sure we know we are not underplaying the situation,” Capt. Girmala said. She thereafter declined to provide further details of the incident, stating that police were sweeping the synagogue’s large campus which includes a school.

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Giants Fan Beating Results In Around The Clock Search For Suspects

LOS ANGELES | April 12, 2011

Brian StowThe beating that occurred in the Dodger Stadium parking lot in Parking Lot 2 of San Francisco Giants Fan Brian Stow has resulted in an around the clock investigation by 16 detectives and officers who are examining information from witnesses and others Detective P.J. Morris told the Los Angeles Times Tuesday.

Det. Morris said that with the $100,000 reward and publicity buzz concerning the beating that left Brian Stow hospitalized with brain damage and in a medically induced coma have investigators filtering through numerous tips as the identity of the two suspects remains a mystery. “Detectives are working shift after shift," Morris said. "When one team goes off another one comes on.”

The Los Angeles Police Department (the "Department") describes the suspects as 2 Latino males from 18 to 25 years who have tattoos visible underneath their apparel and are working to get more details on the suspects’ appearance. Captain Bill Murphy said the Department may update the descriptions.

Although many people were in and around the parking lot after the game, incredibly, no one seems to know where the assailants fled. The two male suspects may have been with a young boy and they drove away in a vehicle, although Det. Morris said investigators did not know what type of vehicle they drove away in.

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