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Prime Minister Mario Monti gives head


Prime Minister Mario Monti of Italy returned a 2,000 year-old statue that was smuggled out of Libya in the 1960s Saturday during his trip to Tripoli. The sculpted head of Domitilla Minor, the only daughter of Roman emperor Vespasian and Flavia Domitilla the Elder, Domitilla had two brothers: the elder who was Titus, and her younger brother Domitian. After more than 50 years away, Domitilla’s sculpted head known as Head Domitilla has made its way home.

Head Domitilla was taken from Libya’s northwestern city of Sabratha and recently auctioned at Christie’s.

The trip to Tripoli was Prime Minister Monti’s first Libyan visit since Moammar Gadhafi was killed in October and since he took office in November. Mario Monti is also an Italian Economist aside from being the Prime Miniser. He also holds the title of Minister of Economy and Finance and European Union Competition Commissioner.

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