Sarah Palin Believes She Can Win The 2012 Presidential Election

U.S. News and World Report  covers an ABC News interview of Sarah Palin which aired on Wednesday.  During the interview, Sarah Palin states that she is considering a presidential run in the 2012 election. Barbara Walters, the host of the interview, asked Sarah Palin if she could beat Barack Obama and win the election.  Sarah Palin replies matter-of-factly: “I believe so.”

The results of an Associated Press GfK poll, however, tell a different tale.  The poll results indicate that Sarah Palin is viewed favorably by only 46% while 49% view her unfavorably.  Interestingly, of those that considered themselves Republican or independents who lean toward the GOP, 79% had a favorable view of her.

Related Source: Palin: I Could Beat Obama

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